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Why Databricks Academy

People are at the heart of customer success and with training and certification through Databricks Academy, you will learn to master data analytics from the team that started the Spark research project at UC Berkeley.



All trainings offer hands-on, real-world instruction using the actual product.

  • Our Education team helps you build cloud-native skills that achieve and sustain new levels of competitive performance.
  • Our certification exams will assess your knowledge of product usage and the underlying methods required to successfully implement quality projects.
  • Our proven modern techniques will enable individuals and teams to innovate faster so your business will not just survive, but thrive, now and in the future.

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As a big part of our customer success approach, training and certification is always evolving to meet your needs.

  • We are exploring new online training options, expanding certifications, launching a mastery-level program, and creating broader tools and templates you can use in your role.
  • Our Certification programme will assist you gaining industry recognition, competitive differentiation, greater productivity and results, increased user community satisfaction, and a tangible measure of your educational investment.

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Love from our users

  • This training was the best training that I received in my past 10 years of ML industrial experience.Kylee

  • Thank you again for so vividly teaching the classes this week and in particular all the hints and suggestions for leveraging databricks! It's been a great experience and while learning a lot it was very inspiring too.Andreas

  • The instructor was brilliant. She was able to speak of complex things in a very simple language. If it was needed she was ready to go deeper into details to cover underlying topics as well.Marat

  • Thank you for all the valuable ML references you provided and for being an amazing teacher.Oussama

  • Thanks a lot for the wonderful training and sharing resources. You inspired me to move forward to the direction of data science.Aemro

  • This customer just became our #1 user of the ML runtime. This is awesome! Our AE informed me we recently performed a number of trainings and it seems like that's having a big impact to the success of our customer. Thanks to the training team!!Aemro

  • This training was the best training that I received in my past 10 years of ML industrial experience.Kylee