Collection: Databricks on Google Cloud Workspace Administration


A series of courses on managing Google Cloud on Databricks as an administrator.


Learn the fundamentals of administration and security for Databricks on Google Cloud. The collection begins with a quick start on setting up a Databricks account and deploying workspaces for your organization. After defining key GCP concepts, the next module covers how to configure credentials and resources in the Google Cloud console. You will then learn about GCP Databricks architecture and security features to consider when deploying and managing workspaces. Then, you will learn how to secure access to data in Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery from a Databricks workspace. Lastly, this course includes a module on cluster provisioning and usage management in Databricks.

Courses in this Collection

  • Databricks on Google Cloud: Workspace Deployment

  • Google Cloud Fundamentals

  • Databricks on Google Cloud: Architecture and Security Fundamentals

  • Databricks on Google Cloud: Cloud Architecture and System Integration

  • Databricks on Google Cloud: Cluster Usage Management


  • Databricks Premium Plan

  • Administrator rights for a GCP Databricks account and workspace

  • Beginning level knowledge of basic Azure Databricks concepts (e.g. workspace, clusters, notebooks, etc.)

  • Editor and IAM admin access for a project in Google Cloud

  • Beginning experience using a Databricks workspace

Learning path

  • This collection of courses is part of the Platform Administrator learning path.

Proof of completion

  • Upon 80% completion of this course, you will receive a proof of completion. 



5 hours

Part of Learning Pathway(s)