Introduction to Unified Data Analytics with Databricks


Explore how Databricks helps organizations adopt a Unified Data Analytics approach to business.


Unified Data Analytics is a new category of solutions that unify data processing with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The goal behind adopting a Unified Data Analytics approach is to make AI much more achievable for enterprise organizations, enabling them to extract valuable insights to help make informed business decisions. This course was created for individuals who want a high-level overview of how Databricks can help organizations adopt a unified data analytics approach. Note: This course will not provide hands-on or in-depth technical coverage of Databricks functionality. This is a course that explains how Databricks helps organizations overcome challenges with big data analytics, at a high-level.

Learning objectives

  • Summarize the benefits of adopting a unified data analytics approach to business.

  • Summarize, at a high-level, how Databricks enables organizations to adopt a unified data analytics approach to business.

  • Explain how the individual components of the Unified Data Analytics Platform help organizations increase organizational efficiency.

  • Give real-world examples of how organizations from a variety of industries have used Databricks to increase organizational efficiency.


  • Beginning knowledge about characteristics that define big data

  • Beginning knowledge about how organizations process and manage big data

  • Beginning knowledge about the roles that data practitioners play on data science teams

  • Beginning knowledge about real-word uses cases for big data analytics in a variety of industries

Learning paths

  • This course is part of all Databricks Academy learning paths.

Proof of completion

  • Upon 80% completion of this course, you will receive a proof of completion.