DB 095 - Just Enough Scala for Apache Spark™

DB 095 - Just Enough Scala for Apache Spark™


This 1-day course provides an overview of the core features of Scala that you need to know to use Apache Spark effectively


9 hours


Understand the basics of Scala programming, without delving into the more advanced areas of Scala that aren’t necessary for Spark.

  • Compare and contrast Scala with languages like Python and Java.
  • Learn how to write classes, functions, and full programs in Scala.
  • Understand the basics of Scala’s compile time typing.
  • Learn how Scala’s compact, powerful syntax can help you write better Spark jobs with less code.


Data engineers and data analysts, with some experience in big data processing, who want to learn more about Apache Spark


Basic programming experience in an object oriented or functional language, such as Python, Ruby, Java, or C#, is required

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