DB200 - Delta Lake

DB200 - Delta Lake


Directed at those who want to use Delta Lake for ETL processing on data lakes. The course ends with a capstone project building a complete data pipeline using Delta Lake


9 hours


After taking this class, students will be able to:

  • Use the interactive Databricks notebook environment.
  • Use Delta Lake to create, append and upsert data into a data lake.
  • Use Delta Lake to manage and extract actionable insights out of a data lake.
  • Use Databricks advanced optimization features to speed up queries.
  • Seamlessly ingest streaming and historical data.
  • Implement a data pipeline using Delta Lake.


Data engineers, software engineers, dev-ops, IT operations, and team-leads with experience using Databricks.


Must have completed, or already have similar knowledge in the following:

    SP800: Getting Started with Apache Spark™ DataFrames Azure | AWS

    SP805: Getting Started with Apache Spark SQL Azure | AWS

    SP820: ETL Part 1 – Data Extraction Azure | AWS

    SP821: ETL Part 2 – Transformations and Loads AWS | Azure

Additional Notes

All ​participants ​will ​need ​:

  • an ​internet ​connection

  • a ​device ​that is compliant with the following supported internet browsers

  • to ​confirm ​​​your ​​​device ​​​can ​​​run ​​​GoToTraining : ​ Validate

  • NOTE: GoToTraining ​is ​our chosen online ​platform ​through which the ​class ​will ​be ​delivered and ​prior ​to ​attendance, ​each ​registrant ​will ​receive ​GoToTraining ​log-in ​instructions.

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