Just Enough Python for Apache Spark™

Just Enough Python for Apache Spark™


This 1-day course aims to help participants with or without a programming background develop just enough experience with Python to begin using the Apache Spark programming APIs.


This course begins with a basic introduction to values, variables, and data types. It then progresses into conditional and control statements followed up with an introduction to methods, functions, and packages. The course concludes with an overview of collections, classes, and tuples.

Depending on specific needs and availability, additional topics can include functional programming, a review of various string and utility functions, and exception handlings.


8 hours


Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Navigate the Python documentation
  • Employ basic programming constructs such as conditional statements and loops
  • Use function and classes from existing libraries
  • Create new functions and classes
  • Identify and use the primary collection types

Based on the selection of various electives, participants should also be able to:

  • Understand the breadth of the language's string functions (and other misc utility functions)
  • Employ basic exception handling
  • Describe and possibly employ some of the key features of functional programming


This course is intended for anyone that needs to learn "just enough Python" to begin working with Apache Spark™.


Prerequisites Knowledge:

  • Some experience in a structured programming language such as Javascript, C++, or R is helpful

Prerequisites Courses:

  • None

Software & Hardware Requirements

  • Web Browser: Chrome
  • An Internet Connection
  • GoToTraining (for remote classes only)
    Please see the GoToMeeting System Check
  • A computer, laptop or tablet with a keyboard

Additional Notes

  • Participants will be provided the appropriate, web-based, programming environment
  • Note: This class is taught in Python only


  • Introduction to the language
  • Values, Variables, and Data Types
  • Conditional and Control Statement
  • Methods, Functions, and Packages
  • Collections
  • Classes and Named Tuples

Additional topics include:

  • String Methods & Various Utility Functions
  • Intro to Functional Programming
  • Exception Handling

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