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Administration on AWS Databricks

Apache Spark Programming with Databricks

Applications of SQL on Databricks

Associate SQL Analyst Accreditation

AWS Cloud Architecture and System Integration Fundamentals

AWS Databricks Security Fundamentals

Azure Cloud Architecture and System Integration Fundamentals

Azure Databricks Administration Fundamentals

Azure Databricks Applied Data Security

Azure Databricks Cluster Usage Management

Azure Databricks Security Fundamentals

Certification Prep Course for the Databricks Certified Associate Developer for Apache Spark Exam

Data Science on Databricks Rapidstart

Data Science on Databricks: The Bias-Variance Tradeoff

Data Visualization with Databricks SQL Analytics

Databricks Command Line Interface (CLI) Fundamentals

Databricks SQL Analytics Fundamentals

Databricks Workspace Fundamentals for Business Analytics

Databricks: How-To Videos

Delta Lake Rapid Start with Python

Delta Lake Rapid Start with Spark SQL

Deploying a Machine Learning Project with MLflow Projects

Deploying an Azure Databricks Workspace

Fundamentals of Delta Lake

Fundamentals of Delta Lake Accreditation

Fundamentals of SQL on Databricks

How to Code-Along with Self-Paced Courses

How to Manage Clusters in Databricks

Introduction to Apache Spark's Architecture

Introduction to Big Data

Introduction to Lakehouse Architecture

Introduction to Unified Data Analytics with Databricks

Introduction to Unified Data Analytics with Databricks Accreditation

Just Enough Python for Apache Spark™

Lakehouse with Delta Lake Deep Dive

Quick Reference: CI/CD

Quick Reference: Databricks Workspace User Interface

Quick Reference: Managing Databricks Notebooks with the Databricks Workspace

Quick Reference: Spark Architecture

Setting Up SQL Analytics

Setting Up Your AWS Databricks Account

SQL Coding Challenges

Structured Streaming

Tracking Experiments with MLflow

What's New In Spark 3.0