Databricks Partners: ML / Data Scientist Learning Pathway

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This course bundle includes self-paced courses designed for Databricks Partners who want to further their knowledge with machine learning on Databricks. Please ensure your Databricks Academy account is associated to your company email address.


Primary Courses

  • Introduction to Apache Spark Architecture
  • Partner Readiness Assessment: Apache Spark Programming on Databricks
  • Apache Spark Programming on Databricks
  • Data Science on Databricks Rapidstart
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Feature Engineering and Selection with Databricks
  • Data Science on Databricks: The Bias-Variance Tradeoff
  • Deploying a Machine Learning Project with MLflow Projects
  • Tracking Experiments with MLflow
  • Introduction to Hyperparameter Optimization
  • Introduction to Applied Unsupervised Learning

Supplementary Courses

These courses are provided as a resource to supplement the recommended courses above.

  • How to Code-Along with Self-Paced Courses
  • How to Manage Clusters in Databricks
  • Quick Reference: Databricks Workspace User Interface
  • Quick Reference: Managing Databricks Notebooks with Databricks Workspace
  • Databricks: How-To Videos
  • Databricks Command Line Interface (CLI) Fundamentals
  • Lakehouse with Delta Lake Deep Dive
  • Databricks with R
  • Introduction to Applied Linear Models
  • Introduction to Applied Statistics
  • Introduction to Feature Engineering and Selection
  • Introduction to Hyperparameter Optimization
  • Introduction to Applied Tree-based Models


Upon successful completion of the following capstone, you will earn the following digital badge.

  • Developer Foundations Badge: Developer Foundations Capstone
Your registration ID for this learning pathway is required for your submission of the capstones. Your registration ID can be found in your registration email or in your Databricks Academy Inbox. Without the correct registration ID, we will not be able to receive your submission. You will receive a badge within 2 weeks of successful completion of the capstones. Please note that in order to successfully complete the capstone, you will need to pass all reality checks. To ensure we have received your results, you must re-run your notebook upon passing all reality checks. You do not need to let us know when you have completed the capstone. Your badge will be sent via email and can be downloaded and shared on LinkedIn.


This course bundle contains Databricks notebooks intended to be run in your Databricks workspace on the cloud platform of your choice. Alternatively, you can sign up for Databricks Community Edition here, free of charge, to complete your courses.

Feedback Survey

Databricks is dedicated to providing high quality training to our Partners. To help us continue to provide exceptional training, please fill out our feedback survey. The survey is also linked as a resource within your learning pathway.

Note: This course bundle is made available to Databricks Partners at no cost. If interested, please reach out to your Databricks Partner Manager. For questions regarding any of the courses bundled, please submit a ticket here.