Databricks Core Technical Training: Pre-Work

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This course bundle includes the pre-requisites for the Databricks Core Technical Training for Databricks partners in preparation for the class.


  • Apache Spark Programming with Databricks



This course is intended to be run in a Databricks workspace. The course contains Databricks notebooks for both Azure Databricks and AWS Databricks; you can run the course on either platform.

Note: Access to a Databricks workspace is not part of your course purchase price. You are responsible for getting access to Databricks. See the FAQ for instructions on how to get access to a Databricks workspace.

Your options are also listed below:

Use Databricks Community Edition (Recommended)

You can sign up for Databricks Community Edition here.

Use your employer's workspace

If your employer is a Databricks customer, and you have access to your employer's Databricks workspace, we recommend using that workspace.

Use a Databricks trial account

If you cannot use an employer's workspace, you can use a Databricks trial.

For a trial of Azure Databricks, follow these steps:

  1. Set up your Azure account
  2. Create an Azure Databricks Workspace
  3. Import the Courseware into Azure Databricks.

For a trial of AWS Databricks, see this page.


  • If you have any general questions, please reach out to Databricks Training.