Structured Streaming — 1 user / 1 year

Structured Streaming — 1 user / 1 year

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This hands-on self-paced training course targets Data Engineers who want to process big data using Apache Spark™ Structured Streaming. The course ends with a capstone project building a complete data streaming pipeline using structured streaming.


3-6 hours, 75% hands-on


The course is a series of five self-paced lessons plus a final capstone project building a complete data pipeline using Structured Streaming. Each lesson includes hands-on exercises.


Supported platforms include Azure Databricks, Databricks Community Edition, and non-Azure Databricks.

  • If you're planning to use the course on Azure Databricks, select the "Azure Databricks" Platform option.
  • If you're planning to use the course on Databricks Community Edition or on a non-Azure version of Databricks, select the "Other Databricks" Platform option.

Learning Objectives

During this course you:

  • Use the interactive Databricks notebook environment
  • Ingest streaming log file data
  • Aggregate small batches of data with time windows
  • Stream data from a Kafka connection
  • Use Structured Streaming in conjunction with Databricks Delta
  • Visualize streaming live data
  • Use Structured Streaming to analyze streaming Twitter data



    1. Introduction
    2. Structured Streaming Concepts
    3. Time Windows
    4. Using Kafka
    5. Delta Streaming
    6. Capstone Project

    Lab Requirements

    License Limitations

    This self-paced training course may be used by 1 user for 12 months from the date of purchase.  It may not be transferred or shared with any other user.


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